Quadrigacx Review

Quadrigacx Review
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Quadrigacx review:

Quadrigacx is a Canadian-based cryptocurrency exchange that offers a wide selection of currency. They have exchange services as well as the option to purchase currency online. The website is easy to navigate and there’s a series of excellent options for your account, for verification and more. If you’re looking for an excellent BTC exchange, this is one of the top personal preference solutions for many Canadians.

The company itself is registered in Vancouver British Columbia and although the exchanges nothave a physical address, they consider themselves to be one of the largest exchanges in Canada. The company itself is unregulated and this can present a problem when compared to some of the other sites that are currently available for investment. The site also does not currently have official business information or too much in the way of contact information either. Support is limited on this platform but it does offer a verification account system.

Tradable coins include BCH, LTC, BTC and more. The volume of trades that occur on this platform are extremely high and it is particularly well known for its security. The deposit fees on this platform are also quite low and although there is no option for futures trading or other types of main trading options, it is a platform that works remarkably well for the investment process.

The site currently accepts both crypto and Fiat Currencies for its deposits. It also has two factorauthentication on every account so that users can always feel secure about the login process. The two factor authentication works within the USA and Canada with services that include the Google two factor system.

What is unique about this platform is it comes with a 10% referral bonus. When users are able to sign up other individuals it’s possible for them to get up to 10% trading fee discount for some of their future transactions. By opting to use the referral free it’s possible to reduce the overall cost of trades over time. Not many exchanges currently have access to this type of discount.

The trading tools that are available on this platform may not give users access to the same level of trading knowledge or improvement with the process of starting to train. The platform itself can showcase some of the trending trades as well as work at giving users an idea on how the market is continually moving. By learning more about buying and selling crypto online based on the most popular trades, users can often follow the leader and get access to some great pairings.

The withdrawal process is relatively simple but cash delivery comes with a very high fee. With a 2% withdrawal fee +$20 CAD on every transaction, you need to make sure that you are only withdrawing large sums of money when you choose the cash delivery option.

The customer service options that are available on Quadriga are currently only available in phone support. The ticket system for email does work as well but it is an overly slow system.

If you are looking for a relatively simple exchange that does result in high trading volumes, Quadriga could be a great choice for you moving forward

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