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3 (60%) 1 vote Review: is a trading site for cryptocurrency that offers the members a direct alternative to some of the other popular exchanges which are available on the market today. The site itself has been in regular operation since the year 2017 and it has really captured a large portion of the crypto current he trading market. The site itself can work in helping investors to discover the best new currency trading pairs as well as some of the best new market trends for the current time.

Trading with Gate:

The process of trading on Gate is made very easy with the exchange that has been put in place here. The company itself can support trades for BTC, ETH, USDT, QTUM and more for its trading pairs. The trading process on Gate is made to be extremely simple and the majority of currency pairs actually add up to a large number of activity.

With around $40 million worth of trading that goes on throughout the program each day.
The process of trading over Gate is enhanced as a web-based trading platform that comes with a variety of charting, improvements to trading history and tracking as well as support through the mobile application.

The platform itself ensures that you can trade on android or IOS as well as on a PC. The exchange can also make sure that storing your currency for the future can be enhanced with a cold wallet and hot wallet system. This can really help with the process of keeping your funds separated for long term investment.

Trading Fees with Gate:

The fees on Gate are actually offered as part of an excellent structure. The overall fees on Gate are limited and there’s no actual fee for deposit unlike some of the other exchanges on the market.

With zero fees for deposits and a .2% fee on any of the trading systems that occur on the platform, there are also discounts available if you trade in higher amounts.

Withdraw fees are something to watch out for with Gate however as the USDT withdrawal rates can go as high as $25. This can mean that it’s usually best to only handle withdrawals from the system when you are dealing with larger amounts of money.

Cryptocurrencies listed at Gate.IO:

EOS ★  Ethereum ★  Bitcoin ★  Game Coin ★  Bitcoin Cash SV ★ Atlas Protocol ★  Bitcoin Cash ABC ★ Aternity ★ Moeda ★  OCOIN ★ DogeCoin ★  Ripple ★ Ontology ★  Litecoin ★  Bumo Coin ★  Bytom Coin ★ ZCash ★ Skrumble Coin ★ Bonus Cloud ★  Tezos Coin ★  Bitcoin Diamond ★ Tron ★  Machine Exchange ★ Stox Coin ★  Ethereum Classic ★  Cardano


  • Low fees are available on Gate.
  • The security is excellent on with a cold storage and hot wallet.
  • Excellent functionality
  • High quality customer support

Customer support:

The support section of the website offers answers for a wide range of the most common questions. The FAQ feature also has a new user guide ensuring that any user can submit tickets and offer assistance with the help of the support team. The current support team can communicate with users in Chinese or English and there are also support options available via Twitter and Facebook.

Conclusion: can offer a competitive advantage in the marketplace for its lower fees and for the excellent level of support that can be provided for users through the system.

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